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Stylish Aviator Sunglasses for Men and Women

Protect your Eyes without Compromising your Style

Looking for sunglasses that set you a class apart? At Funky Pilot, we offer a comprehensive range of aviator sunglasses for men that not only give you a stylish look but also protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays and keeps them cool.

The aviator sunglasses for men are extremely stylish and never go out of style. Be it for a formal outing with colleagues or a casual road trip with friends, aviator sunglasses will always pair with any occasion.

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This is a fairly vague question, and everyone would give you a different answer. Ray-Ban has great aviator glasses, so does Randolph, but we recommend the iconic American Optical (AO) Original Pilot glasses. AO glasses have been made famous as the choice of sunglasses by many presidents (JFK, for example) and celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Robert de Niro. No wonder why they are so popular among pilots! AO is the best selling brand in our store.

Pilots wear many different brands of sunglasses. We recommend American Optical (AO) sunglasses as a premium brand. AO has been around since 1833, and it's the sunglass brand worn by many presidents and Hollywood celebrities such as Tom Cruise. King Seven is our choice of a more affordable brand. King Seven glasses are extremely good quality glasses with an affordable price suitable for pilots who are just starting their careers.

In 2020 our bestselling glasses have been the classic aviator sunglasses from various brands. Aviators never seem to go out of fashion, blue aviator glasses have been especially popular in 2020, and we expect them to gain more popularity in 2021.

This specialized coating blocks glare and reflection by filtering out specific light vibrations. These are especially great for outdoor enthusiasts but also great for safe visibility when driving.

Benefits of polarization include:

  • Reduce glare
  • Improve visual comfort
  • Clearly perceive colors
  • Minimize eyestrain
  • Allow for correct depth perception
  • Eliminate reflection

Pilots flying with modern "glass cockpit" should not use polarized lenses. Polarization may cause the LED screens in the airplane to appear dark or even blackout when viewed from different angles. Polarized lenses are ok for pilots flying with old analog instruments, though.

Many pilots, however, carry around two pairs of sunglasses though; non-polarized for flying and polarized for everything else. Polarization offers many benefits, so it's worth it to have two pairs of glasses even when you go for a flight.

Always use a microfiber cloth for cleaning your glasses. All our sunglasses come with one microfiber cloth, but you can also buy them from any sunglass shop. Using a cloth made from any other material may scratch the lenses or leave them dirty.

We recommend that you will always keep the glasses in their case when not in use. This way, they will stay safe from any outside damage or dirt.

We suggest you always keep the classes in their case when not in use. To clean them, use the microfiber cloth that came with the glasses or another similar microfiber cloth. Do not use cloths made from other materials as they may scratch the lenses or the frame.

All Funky Pilot Store sunglasses provide a full spectrum of UV protection. If you read any of the product descriptions, you will notice a 400 UV protection. That means our sunglasses block light rays with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers that include UVA, UVB, and UVC; all the tiniest UV rays. Our lenses are among the highest quality sunglass lenses you can find.

Most factories are currently located in China and other Asian countries. Sunglass production is not an exception. Most of our glasses are manufactured in Asia, but some brands are manufactured locally in the United States or in Europe. We are constantly adding more brands to our catalog, so we have products manufactured in many countries.

Yes, you can return any product purchased from the Funky Pilot Store within 30 days of receiving it. The glasses will need to be in their original condition. You should provide us with the original box. Please, contact us by email before returning any items.