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Best Pilot Supplies and Aviation Accessories

If you're passionate about travel, aviation, and pilot accessories, you've arrived at the right destination. At Funky Pilot, you can choose from the best pilot supplies. Browse through our exciting range of souvenirs, backpacks, face masks, tote bags, insulated stainless steel water bottles, contrast ceramic mugs, and accessories inspired by the aviation industry.

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Accessories are items that complement something else to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive. Jewelry and bags, for example, can be categorized as accessories because they compliment your outfit and the way you look. Phone cases are accessories because they are attached to your phone to protect them. Many items can be categorized as accessories and also as something else. Accessory collection in the Funky Pilot Store includes many products that you may find in other categories also.

What benefits can I get from accessories?

Funky Pilot Store accessories include aviation-themed cups, mugs, water bottles, bags, passport holders, phone cases, facemasks, and many other items. The collection is growing constantly, so this is not a comprehensive list. Under our “Gifts and Gadgets” tab you can also find the following categories that could be categorized as accessories:

  • Airplane Cufflinks, Tie Pins, Brooches, and Pin
  • Airplane & Aviation Keychains
  • Jewelry and Watches
  • Sunglasses

Yes, we can customize many of our accessories. If you want to add a custom image, name, or a message to any of our mugs, water bottles, bags, backpacks, pouches, or facemasks please contact us by email ( before ordering. We may also be able to customize other accessories as well.

Many of our accessories are manufactured overseas in Asia or in South- or Centra-America. All the customization work for our aviation-themed products is done in the United States for our North American customers or in Europe for our European customers.

You can return any item within 30 days of receiving it. You will get a full refund, but you will have to pay for the shipping cost. The item should be in original condition, and in original packaging. Please, contact us by email before returning an item.

You can cancel any order for a full refund as long as the order hasn’t been shipped yet. We ship our orders usually within a day or two. If the order has already been shipped you can return the item for a full refund after it arrives; meanwhile, you can place an order for the correct item you were looking for.

That’s because we are an aviation-themed online store founded by a group of professional aviators, and FunkyPilot is our brand name. While aviators and other people interested in aviation are our target customers, we aim to satisfy all other customers as well with our customized products.

Our accessories can provide you with many benefits:

  • Accessories define occasion. Our aviation-themed coffee cups, for example, are perfect for a get-together with other pilots or aviators.
  • Accessories help you define your style. If you are or want to become a pilot or an aviator, our accessories are perfect for you.
  • Accessories let you express your personality. If you have an accessory saying “Trust me, I’m a Pilot”, for example, you obviously have a sense of humor!
  • Accessories can help you create a different look. Our aviation-themed accessories are niche products that you won’t see everyone else using. Our accessories will help you separate yourself from the crowds!
  • Our accessories are fun and exciting. Many of our accessories are designed with a sense of humor, and using them are a good way of starting conversations – especially among pilots, aviators, and airline cabin crew!